A letter to my Husband

4 09 2010

*big sigh*

Dear sweetie-pie-pudding-pop,

Let me start by saying that one of my absolute favourite qualities of our relationship is our uncensored sexual honesty. You and I have long ago acknowledged that we open ourselves up and we tell each other ‘things’ that the average couple keeps deep down inside.

No holds barred marital theory: If we are the only ones that we are going to have sex with for the rest of our lives, then we trust and guarantee that it will be precisely the sex that we crave. Nothing off limits, nothing too kinky, nothing left unsaid. We always have the right of refusal, but there is never judgement placed on the request.

That being said, if you so chose to read my blog, you are going to hear things that you may wish you didn’t. But I can’t let that ruin my craft. As I mentioned in my first post (Click here to read Woman), “Fear of judgement or scrutiny destroy your craft. For it to be raw, primal and real, it must be done with judicial abandon.” That includes you.

Your confidence and security is one of your sexiest attributes. Don’t lose sight of them.

There will be pros and cons to you tuning in to read my Naked Revelations. I acknowledge that it would suck to hear of my encounters with other men. I get that. But during my ‘Mad Science – Blow Job Experiment’ when I’m needing a subject to test seven days of blow jobs on, will you really be complaining then? Or how about when I take a Tantric Sex workshop or want to show you how I learned prostate massage – does it still suck that bad? I think not.

Lastly, thank you for never holding me back and always letting me soar. You help me live authentically.



Ps. Don’t be alarmed by the massive Visa bills from Pink Cherry and Aren’t We Naughty… it’s all in the name of science. 😉




4 responses

5 09 2010

Well you will just HAVE to tell us what he said now, won’t you?!


5 09 2010
Naked Revelations

Ha ha ha… I believe it went something like “It’s all good, sweetie!” But he’s yet to read the post scheduled to come out today. Yikes!

Ps. Another awesome post from you this morning! Your words always flow together like music. Beautiful.

5 09 2010

Ah thanks hun. Look forward to your next post then x

9 09 2010

He sounds super supportive, what a great guy…not sure mine would like it so much!

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